Lisbon, Portugal : 20-21/02/2014

WG1 (Pathogen characterization, detection and epidemiology) and WG2 (Microbial ecology) meeting

Local organizers and scientific program managers: Dr. Cecilia Rego and Pr. Pedro Reis
Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Tapada da Ajuda
1349-017 Lisboa, Portugal

  • Powerpoints and round table reports are available at the bottom of the page

Schedule :

Wednesday, 19 February


 Welcome dinner 


Thursday, 20 February 

 Welcome to participants
 Presentation of this COST Action by Florence Fontaine

 Morning Session 1 : Session Chair – James Woodhall

 Pathogen characterization, detection and epidemiology

 Cecilia Rego and Arthur Alves,
 Challenges for GTD pathogen characterization, detection and epidemiology
 David Gramaje,
 Genetic and virulence of GTD pathogens
 Jacques Alban,
 Plexor multiplex qPCR tool as a way to quantify esca-associated fungal agents
in grapevine wood
 Philippe Larignon,
 Life cycle pathogens
 Erzsebet Karaffa and Kalman Vaczy,
 Population structure of fungal pathogens connected to GTD in Hungary
 Laura Mugnai,
 Grapevine trunk diseases and related symptoms: what we know and what we are missing
 Lucia Guerin-Dubrana,
 Epidemiology: assessment of GTD incidence and risk factors in European vineyard
 Alan Phillips – Invited scientist,
 Botryospheriaceae as grapevine pathogens
 11.30 - 11.50
 Coffee break

 Morning Session 2 : Session Chair – Patrice Rey

 Microbial ecology

 Stephane Compant,
 Communities, niches, sources of colonization and use thereof for biocontrolstrategies
 Patrice Rey,
 Comparaison of fungal and bacterial communities that colonize the wood of
esca-symptomatic grapevines
 Andrea Campisano – Invited scientist,
 DNA dependant analysis of microbiota in the grapevine endosphere
 13.00 - 14.30

 Afternoon Session : Session Chair – Josep Armengol

 ManaGTD Round Tables

 Table 1 Pathogen characterization, Round table Chair – Pedro Crous
 Table 2 Pathogen detection, Round table Chair – James Woodhall
 Table 3 Pathogen epidemiology, Round table Chair – Laura Mugnai and Lucia Guérin-Dubrana
 Table 4 Inventory of microflora, Round table Chair – Patrice Rey
 Table 5 Identify bneficial microorganisms – Round table Chair – Stéphane Compant



Friday, 21 February


Morning Session : Session Chair - Patrice Rey 

 Synthesis of Round Table 1 – Pathogen characterization
 Synthesis of Round Table 2 – Pathogen detection
 Synthesis of Round Table 3 – Pathogen epidemiology
 10.15 - 10.40
 Coffee break
 Synthesis of Round Table 4 – Inventory of microflora
 Synthesis of Round Table 5 – Identify beneficial microorganisms
 Conclusions – Josep  Armengol

 End of the meeting – Florence Fontaine and Cecilia Rego