General Guidelines and Rules

Training Schools aim to share the knowledge relevant to the Action’s objectives through the delivery of intensive training, and involve all generations of researchers on new and emerging subjects.
COST support covers the organization costs of the Training School, as well as the participation of trainees and trainers (travel, accommodation and meal expenses only)
• A Training School should last between 3 and 15 days
• A ratio of at least 3 trainees to 1 trainer should be respected
• No lecture fees can be paid to the trainers
• A reasonable country balance should be respected concerning the trainees
• MC Members define amongst the eligible participants (trainers and trainees) those who are entitled to be reimbursed
• The financial support rules for Trainers are the same as the support rules for the meetings.
The financial support for Trainees are based on the following rules:
• Reimbursement rate : 160 EUR/day (maximum)
• Travel expenses : up to 300 EUR
• Maximum grant : 1 500 EUR
• The trainers must register on e-COST
• Before the event, each trainee entitled to reimbursement receive a Grant Letter, mentioning the dates and the place of the event and the fixed amount of the Grant.