Working Group 1

Pathogen characterization, detection and epidemiology

  • Create an inventory of pathogens + identify the most important for further research
  • Create an inventory of cultures help in EU labs
  • Develop standard test conditions to determine the aggression of individual GTD
  • Develop a set of diagnostic protocols for identification/detection of GTD
  • Characterization of their life cycle according to climatic conditions, identification of the sources of inoculum and the way of penetration into plant to optimize the disease management
  • Analysis of the recorded data from surveys to identify the key environmental factors
  • Monitoring vineyards to clarify aspects related to inoculum reservoirs and dispersal throughout the years in different countries


WG Leader : Dr Cecilia Rego (PT) 
Instituto Superior de Agronomia – Universidade de Lisboa
Tapada da Ajuda
1349-017 Lisboa

WG Vice Leader : Dr James Woodhall (UK) 
The Food and Environment Research Agency
Plant Protection Programme
YO411LZ York
United Kingdom